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How to See Your Competitors Facebook Ads

Facebook's Ads and Info tab allows all users the ability to see every ad currently running for any page across their products and on their Ad Partner Network. This was announced as an effort towards ad transparency and a way to report ad abuse but can also be a useful tool for marketers.

For companies with their head in the sand waiting for the social media fad to end, this should be eye-opening. I've worked in environments where justifying social advertising was a daily struggle. Working in an old-school vs. new-school office environment it wasn't unusual to have a print ad dropped on my desk to show me what the competition was doing or the occasional board meeting mention of a new TV commercial for a competitor that was aired the previous night. Congrats on watching TV; you've single-handedly changed the course of our marketing plan.

One of the many barriers for the social media admin is that the leadership just doesn't see it as a viable channel because they simply don't see it and possibly don't use it. The ability to see the ads your competitors are running on Facebook should activate a serious case of FOMO if your business is falling behind. It also offers us an opportunity to learn from what our industry peers are advertising.

Want to go even further into the digital weeds? Check out, which intelligently gathers estimated search advertising spend, top keywords, shared keywords to optimize your google ads campaigns; and for the B2B looking to stealthily know more about potential customers, shows which businesses are visiting your website, the pages that they go to, products they search for and a list of company contacts.

Interested in activating cool tools like this for your business and unlocking the mysteries of the internet? Contact us to get started.

Example only: Tug Hill Vineyards is not a Strategic Sway client but is a fine establishment nearby.

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