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A Weekend in Music City | Sights & Sounds of Nashville | Live Music & Look Inside Popular Tonks

If you’d love to experience a weekend in Nashville in under an hour this video is for you! Question about visiting Nashville; or tips for others comment below. Almanda and I celebrated our 20th anniversary honky-tonk hopping in June of 2022 I’ve visited Nashville a couple of times on business trips so it’s somewhat familiar to me but what you’ll find if you’ve never been to Nashville is you can walk into the same bar on different days or at a different time of day and find your new favorite band or quickly walk out of it isn’t your thing. My advice is to revisit all the honky-tonks, bars and music venues because the vibe can be drastically different the next time you pop in. Many of my favorite honky-tonks are the eclectic venues with a lot of history that you’ll see in this video along with some newer corporate establishments that are easy to identify. Don’t like what you hear? Just skip ahead and you’ll probably find a band you love. Chapters: Robert’s Western Word (Band: Kelley's Heros) :25 Wild Horse Solon (Band: JC Anderson) 2:58 ACME Feed & Seed (Country Club Day Party) 3:27 Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N Roll Steakhouse 4:09 Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa 10:39 Rippy's Honky Tonk Barbecue 13:02 Pin's Mechanical Company 14:12 Capital View Nashville 19:12 About the Electric Scooters you'll find left all over Nashville 19:31 Famous Rooftop Bar (Musicians: Will Pellerin and Blane Holcomb) 20:02 Taco Bell Cantina Nashville 21:00 Cerveza Jack's (Band: Josh Hughett) 21:25 Big Shotz 24:22 Luke Bryan's Bar/ Luke's 32 Bridge (Band: Brian Thomas) 25:06 Johnny Cash Bar (Band: Jake Loban) 26:28 FGL House /Florida Georgia Line Bar (Band: Kyle Elliot) 27:28 Nudie’s Honky Tonk (Musicians: Isaac Harris and Jessica Ridley) 30:16 Grand Ole’ Oprey Encore! Another clip from Robert’s Western Word which was our favorite bar on the strip. (Band: Kelley's Heros) 33:30


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