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GunCon 2022 | Range Day, Expo, & Influencer Panel

GunCon 2022 - Presented by The Gun Collective and Hosted at Brownell’s VIP Range Day at Big Springs Shooting Complex - A day for Content Creators and VIP guests to meet with manufacturers and shoot some of the latest and greatest firearms of the modern time. It’s a great opportunity for manufacturers to meet topnotch content creators and for the content creators to access a plethora of firearms for photos and videos for their respective channels in one amazing location. Expo Booths and Demos - Free to the public (limited tickets) The expo was held at the Brownell’s warehouse complete with food trucks, Brownell’s tours, firearm product displays and info, vendor swag and demos, and a ton of giveaways including gear and pews; all alongside your favorite content creators working in the gun space.

This video includes brief clips of the GunCon Panel; watch the full live stream of the GunCon Influencer Panel here:

The 2022 GunCon Panel Participants included the following awesome content creators:

Guns & Gadgets

Honest Outlaw



Glovcktopus Reviews

We Like Shooting

Rapid Fire Rachel


The Gun Collective


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