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How to Clean your Sig Sauer P365 9mm | Using Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice products

How to field strip and clean the super popular Sig Sauer P365 9mm Pistol to effectively remove fouling and debris from your firearm to ensure it works properly and last for years to come. This is a light cleaning of a new firearm. Stick around for some goofy outtakes at the end. Products in video: (promo code below)

🔥 Sig Sauer P365

🔥 Otis o85 CLP Wipes:

🔥 Otis Technology Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit:

🔥 Otis Ripcord 38 cal, .357, 9mm:

🔥 Otis Microfiber Cloth:

🔥 Otis small panoply patches:

🔥 Otis Sportsman’s Mat: Video referenced:

🔥 How to Tie an Otis Patch: Use promo code: MLRANCH15 to save 15% at or use referral link:


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