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MEAN ARMS MA Loader Overview | 10-Round Ejection Port Fed, AR Loading Device For Restrictive States

Overview of the MEAN ARMS MA Loader; an easier way to load your pinned or fixed magazine, if you’ve elected to go the non-detachable magazine route vs featureless with your AR when operating in a restrictive state. This 10-round cartridge loading device allows you to safely and efficiently reload your fixed magazine without the need to break down the firearm. Simply place the MA Loader into your AR’s ejection port and press the thumb-ring slider to quickly load or reload. It is that simple! Also works to load detachable mags without removing them from your firearm. Available for AR-15 & AR-10 Support GOA (Gun Owners of America) helping fight ridiculous gun regulations that are making you less safe. Channel Disclaimer: All firearms depicted in Mud Lake Ranch videos are used in controlled environment, by trained professionals, in a safe manner at our personal range or various professional shooting ranges. This channel does not sell firearms or ammunition. This video is for demonstration and entertainment purposes only - Do NOT Attempt.

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