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Mean Arms MA Lock | Installation Demonstration and Review

Living in the great state of NY has its perks; from our beautiful landscape and average snowfall of 150+/- inches here on Tug Hill, to our short growing season, sky high taxes and outrageous bail reform. Given all that, we are also cursed to comply with unfair, unsafe and unconstitutional laws that target popular semi-auto firearms and make us all less safe. Luckily there are a few solutions to have a semi-neutered AR-15 or AR-10 that comply with these asinine regulations.

1. You can go completely "featureless" with fixed sock, non-threaded barrel or pinned and welded thread protector, and replace your pistol grip with a spur or Thordsen Customs stock and keep your detachable mag. Of course you also can't have a mag over 10 rounds; a forward grip, or bayonet (because both of those are a huge problem). Once your gun is "less scary" it is good to go. *This is not legal advice or a recommendation. If you live in NY/CA or other unfriendly state consult local laws before making a modification to any firearm.

2. You can go with a permanently fixed/pinned magazine with a solution like the one in this video. *This is also not legal advice or a recommendation. This is a product demonstration only. \\\\This video is NOT sponsored; product was purchased. Not that I am opposed to free shit; I just wasn't given any to produce this video.\\\\ Product links below

3. Move to a state that is less restrictive and remember to Vote Pro-2A - not party line. *this is recommended; if you are able to pull up stake and relocate. make it happen.

Description from website: The MEAN MA Lock is a shear bolt mechanism designed to lock MIL-SPEC AR-15 and AR-10 magazines in place. Developed for states with intrusive laws requiring fixed magazines, installing the MA Lock makes AR firearms legal and compliant, leaving all your favorite tactical features in place. Installation of the MA Lock provides a true solution to fixed magazine laws, thus eliminating the requirement to register your rifle with your local government. MA Lock allows firearm to conform to California law when used to mount a 10 round magazine permanently. MA Lock replaces the spring and magazine release push button. The operator removes the magazine push button and spring to replace with MA Lock. Operator installs the bushing then threads the hex shape onto the magazine catch in place of the button. The hex shape is then tightened until the head shears off to permanently mount the magazine catch. An unintended consequence of the new intrusive fixed-magazine laws is possible compromised safety. With no ability to quickly load an unloaded AR rifle for home defense, gun owners may inevitably choose to keep them loaded at all times. This action potentially puts the people we are committed to defend at risk. The use of a MEAN MA Loader solves this problem and is considered by some as the safest solution for all AR rifle owners. Simply keep your AR rifle unloaded with an MA Loader close by. One quick motion and you are loaded and ready.

Products used or mentioned:

Aero Precision AR10 .308

MEAN MA LOCK for AR15 or AR10:

Dead MA Speed Loader for AR10:

Bog Death Grip Firearm Tripod:

Otis Earshied®:

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