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Tubing 1000 Islands - Oak Point - Hammond, NY

Jonah & Parker’s fist time tubing behind a jet boat. Our youngest sons played in the Trooper Joel David Memorial Baseball Tournament in Indian River about an 1 1/2 north of Mud Lake Ranch and spanning 2 full days. We were blessed with the opportunity to stay at a friend’s camp in Hammond, NY on “The River”; vs.making that drive twice a day. We had a blast tubing, fishing, and swimming the 100 Islands Region in the downtime between long days at the ballpark. Adirondack U12 (Jonah) made it to the semi final round finishing 4th of 12 teams; and U9 (Parker) made it to the finals finishing 2nd. Oak Point Dark Island 3:10 Singer Castle 3:16 Dock Life 3:59 Still photo of Crossover Island Lighthouse 14:50 Double Tubing Wipeouts: 2:10, 7:07, 7:50, Big Air 10:59 Panover of the bay at Oak Point 5:11 Parker's Small Mouth Bass 13:19 Interested in visiting this area of the Thousand Islands? There are AirBnb-style accommodations in this same bay: the Lodges at Oak Point


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