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Less big words

We cut through the clutter and leave the big words for the other guys.  

We won't talk over you. We listen and deliver results.

Responsive Design Website

We construct all of our websites to automatically size to fit the screen being used.   Your site will look great on desktop, laptop, tablet and all sizes of smartphone.

Local Search

Take control of your online presence on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Mapquest, YP, Foursquare, and all reputable online platforms.  We make sure your listings are accurate, with up to date address, location pin, phone, hours of operation including social hours such as closed for holiday or even emergency.  We will monitor reviews, customer posted images and competitor interference. 

Local Search
Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what helps your business appear higher in search.  Your Strategic Sway designed website is optimized during construction and reviewed periodically for performance.  SEO and Local Search together help your overall online presence and search rank.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is often confusing and expensive.  With a website by Strategic Sway we can implement a CRM from our trusted partners.  Manage customer appointments from a mobile app and you desktop computer.  Sync your CRM calendar with your Google Calendar.  Allow customers to self-book online during open time slots. Request important information prior to accepting their appointments; accept online payments and even send sms text and email confirmation and reminders to reduce your no-shows.  Visit EliAutoandTowing to see a live example of a Strategic Sway client using one of our CRM solutions.


If your restaurant doesn't currently have online ordering we can help.  With a website by Strategic Sway we will allow your customers to order and pay online.  Their orders are transmitted via email and you receive a phone call and/or a text to alert you that a new order is waiting.  Check out to view their online ordering experience by Strategic Sway.

Online Ordering
Online Ordering

Ready to sell your products online?  Your responsive design website by Strategic Sway coupled with our SEO, local search optimization and online advertising service is sure to reach your target audience and boost your sales.

Social Media Management

We will set up a plan to fit your business needs and make recommendations to achieve the best results.

Our team will monitor your social platforms, post content and talk to your customers on the platform they chose to connect with you on.

Content Creation

We will take the time to study your business and talk to your staff to develop ads and social media content that reflects your brand voice. Our team will write copy, take photographs, find stunning stock photos and make recommendations to optimize your content over time. 

iPhone/Android Apps

Elevate your digital presence and better connect with your most engaged customers through a mobile app.  Have your website information at their finger tips; send push notifications and more.

iPhone Android Apps
Online Advertising

A no-brainer low-cost way to reach your target audience.  Pay per click on keywords for Google search; invest as little as $1 per day* on Facebook ads that reach local people interested in your services.  There are many ways we can effectively reach the right people nearby or nation-wide to grow your business.

Onlie Ads
Promotional Marketing & Printed Materials

Strategic Sway provides design and print services for apparel, pens, brochures, pamphlets, sell sheets and other printed promotional materials.  Order t-shirts for your team, church, club or organization. Pens for your business; or pamphlets for your destination or even your congregation.

Promotional Marketing
Data Analytics

Our customers will receive analytics on the products we manage for them. Have trouble understanding what it all means? We'll break down all the numbers and percentages into logical information that anyone can understand.  We'll tell you what is doing great, what needs improvement and what is likely to contribute to each plus and minus. 

Social Media Training

We would love to run it for you but if you have the people-power and bright creative minds on staff then we will gladly train your team to market your business on social networks and provide strategic guidance, expert advice to launch new platforms or improve on your existing ones.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat 


Strategic Sway offers marketing consulting with a concentration in the digital space.  If you company or organization is looking to launch or improve their digital marketing strategy give us a call.  We've helped organizations big and small with developing digital marketing strategy, improving processes, understanding the documents provided by their agency and even like helping set up Facebook live for your business.


Jared Sturtevant Photography is a service offered via Strategic Sway.  Jared is an experienced portrait photographer as well as an event photographer, food photographer and more.  Get professionally photographed images for your website, online store or brochures.

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