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Identify Your Target Customer

Knowing your target customer may be the most critical starting point to building a marketing strategy that is right for your brand. Are you communicating the right message in a relevant way to the customers who are most valuable to your business?

Surprisingly, your target customer is likely not your core customer. Your target customer is not necessarily the one who visits most often or spends the most money. And your core customer is a loyal creature of habit; they are not interested in changing venues and they are also not likely to spend any more money than they already do. Since your core customer has made a commitment to your brand; your advertising dollars are less effective when spent targeting them.

The person you want to reach has expendable income; they are adventurous shoppers and they are actively looking for something to sway them in your direction. Your target customer is willing to try new things; less influenced by habit and not as sensitive to price. A strategic approach to marketing will help you reach these people in the most relevant places in the most engaging way.

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