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The Gundie Awards Range Day at Drive Tanks 2023

Epic weekend at the Gundie Awards surrounded by cool people, great guns, good food and lot more! This multi-day event is orchestrated by my friends at Forge Relations.

THE GUNDIE AWARDS The Gundies are a set of awards that recognize top creators in the firearm industry. The awards are voted on by the community and provide a platform for creators to gain exposure and recognition. The awards were inspired by an episode of the TV show "The Office" and were created as a way to bring the firearm community together. In addition to recognizing excellence in the industry, the Gundies also promote responsible firearm ownership and showcase creators from all backgrounds. The awards have continued to grow and expand, reaching every niche within the firearm community. By promoting a positive message and fostering a sense of community, the Gundies aim to support and encourage the next generation of firearm content creators.

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