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Find Anyone's Email Address in Seconds

I was tasked with building a database of USPS mailing addresses and email addresses for a nationwide organization targeting a specific responsibility within that organization. The task was tedious but I actually enjoyed the search. I visited the website of main organization; from there find each division website. Each state had a division and most major city had one or more. Each website was laid out differently; some had employee directories which made the search easy, but some didn't list any employees and occasionally not a single email address; not even an email info@ address. That's where the real digging began.

There's no email address listed on the company website? No problem. was my best resource for email discovery and occasionally it included their title. It is an easy to use Chrome Plugin. Simply paste the website domain in and it will quickly bring up dozens of email addresses for the organization. The free service is maxed out at 50 leads so I had to find another solution or pay. Looking back at the amount of work I could have saved I recommend paying the $50/month.

Rocket Reach was effective in returning accurate results but does throw in some completely unrelated results.

Voila Norbert requires you to know the first name, last name and website domain of the person you are trying to find and it failed to find numerous contacts that I found elsewhere and even failed a test to find my own email. It did work on 2 of my lead searches.

Email Extractor Online was a much broader way to search. A good way to grab a quick email marketing list for those annoying cold call types of email outreach.

UpLead didn't return any leads for this project; that was probably because I was targeting a specific job title. It did work on other test domains though and I was able to unlock and view verified email addresses.

I am interested in learning about anyone else experience with this or hearing if this post helped you out.



If a recipient makes a request not to receive some or any commercial electronic mail messages from such sender, then it is unlawful for the sender to initiate the transmission to the recipient, more than 10 business days after the receipt of such request, of a commercial electronic mail message that falls within the scope of the request (CAN-SPAM Sec 5) The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 does not require the senders of commercial email to obtain the consent of recipients prior to sending them commercial email. Businesses do need to allow for opt-out processes and need to honor within 10 business days any such request. Some means of acquiring addresses are explicitly forbidden, chief among them being the use of data harvesting software that scrapes the Internet.

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