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Multiple Links Solution for Instagram Bio

Insta Frustration

Many of us marketers and Instagram users who have ever had to direct people to our website with “Link in Bio” and still wonder why adding links to our posts isn't an option; well, we have a brilliant workaround to share.

Link in Bio

Instead of the link in our bio going to our main website or a partner/sponsor website; or changing it each time we have a promo; let’s create a simple mobile optimized page that is NOT mapped in our main website navigation. It will give instagram users a single branded screen with buttons for whatever our hot topic is for the day “Enter Sweepstakes” plus buttons for: “Contact” “About" and “Shop Now”; links to other social or whatever is important.

We Can Help

With a website from Strategic Sway we'll add and maintain your /Instagram page. Not a Strategic Sway client? We can customize a single page website for you that matches your brand guidelines within 48 hours; most of the time within 12.

Every day I think they’ll let us add links to posts but they don’t... so, this is a brilliant work around.

If you loved our suggestion and our going to run with it on your own, no foul.

If you are individual without a website but want to direct people to websites as a brand ambassador or as to commission links; you can use an unbranded solution called LinkTree. This is not an endorsement of LinkTree it is just a commonly used solution for this.

Did This Help?

Let us know if we helped you or your brand out by @mentioning @StrategicSway or send us a DM.

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