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How to Clean the LifeCard® .22 LR Pistol | Single Shot Firearm Cleaning Basics

In this video we demonstrate a basic cleaning of the LifeCard® .22 LR discreet concealed carry handgun. Self-filmed in a controlled safe environment; with an unmanned camera. All firearms were cleared and confirmed to be unloaded prior to filming and during the filming process.

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About the LifeCard® .22LR

LifeCard by Trailblazer Firearms is a folding, single-shot .22 caliber pistol that’s no bigger than a stack of credit cards. At .5 inches thin and weighing less than 7 ounces.

+ Discreet shape – sleek, no-snag design

+ Size of a credit card when folded

+ Full-size handle for easy use when unfolded

+ Completely ambidextrous

+ Storage in handle for 3 extra rounds

+ Built-in safety features

+ Made in USA

Products used in the video:

Otis Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit:

Otis 085 CLP Firearm Cleaning Wipes:

Otis 2" Small Caliber Patches (you'll need more than what comes in the kit):


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