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How to Clean Your Ruger Wrangler .22 Caliber Revolver with Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice

A quick video on how to remove the cylinder from your Ruger Wrangler revolver and effectively clean fouling and debris from your firearm to ensure it works properly and last for years to come. This system works for many .22 revolvers and likited breech firearms. Check back for videos of us plinking with this bad boy;

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🔥 the Ruger Wrangler shown is cerekote finish Burnt Bronze.

🔥 Otis o85 CLP Wipes:

🔥 Otis limited Breech .22 cal brush:

🔥 Otis small caliber memory flex cable 34”:

🔥 Otis Ripcord .22/.223/5.55:

🔥 Otis Microfiber Cloth:

🔥 Otis small caliber patches:

🔥 Otis Sportsman’s Mat:

Use promo code: MLRANCH15 to save 15% or use referral link: Cannot be combined with other offers


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