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Otis Technology PRO+ AR-15 Lock Block | Product Review and Demonstration

First look at the Otis Technology PRO+ AR-15 Lock Block; designed to make the removal and installation of barrels, hand guards, gas blocks, and muzzle devices quicker and easier. If you’ve ever tackled a barrel or flash hider fixed with LokTite you know the extreme torque required to remove them. Clamp this into a standard bench vise; the AR-15 Lock Block locks into the barrel extension, securing it from twisting and minimizing the chance of marring. The torque is applied to the barrel extension rather than aluminum upper. This is a must-have for any AR-15 builder who assembles their own uppers. Designed for milspec receivers, the AR-15 Lock Block works on most ARs. To accommodate a variety of internal receiver sizes, it includes a bronze bushing which allows the tool to work with slightly smaller internal specs when necessary. The website says it is made from 1018 steel and finished in a manganese phosphate coating.


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Other products in this video:

Full disclosure: I work for Otis Technology and I think this product is awesome so I did a video on my own time. What better way to spend your Friday night?


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